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Weekly Update: June 30, 2014: “Meet The Team Pt. 3”

Weekly Update: June 30, 2014

     As we continue our series on “Meet The Team”, we’d like to introduce you to the most important and most ‘unseen’ member – important and unseen primarily because he’s sequestered inside either of our two walk-in coolers ensuring every beer, ale, and cider is properly stored and stocked.  Jonathan is this unseen hero and is one of those people who doesn’t like his picture taken nor even posted online, so his identity you’ll just have to find out by visiting us.

How long have you been with Ken & Norm’s and why have you been stuffed into mysterymanthe cooler?

I’ve only been with the shop for about 8 weeks; before that, I was a distribution hand for a larger retailer.  I also like beer, a lot, and have been trying anything new and different I can get my hands on.  Sergey liked my organizational skills and wanted me to whip the coolers into shape.

When you’re not here, what fills your time?

I like Frisbee Golf, tinkering with anything that has a motor, and am trying to learn how to play the piano.  I work two other jobs, so my free time is rather limited, just don’t call me boring.

If you had to pick just one item in the whole shop, what would it be and why?

Even though I’m primarily a beer snob, that new Woodford Reserve Single Barrel Double Oak is amazing!  Right now, it’s the one thing I’d take home – my tastes change frequently, so tomorrow, i might say something else.

Updated: June 30, 2014 — 2:01 PM

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