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16thcentury breweryBeer is the most-consumed alcoholic beverage in the world and the third most-consumed liquid after water and tea.  This very simple recipe consisting of water, a grain, a yeast, and sometimes hops has been around for thousands of years.  The oldest continuously operating brewery, established in 980AD, is in Bavaria, Germany.  During the Middle Ages, diseases gave water a bad reputation – beer was a way of “preserving” water, making it safer to drink… the alcohol was medicinal.  The only commercial use for the lowly hopcone is hopconeflavoring beer.  It adds many floral and bitter characteristics some of us truly appreciate: IPAs and EPAs especially.

Craft Beer is just what its name implies – a very small run of something special and different.  We get a few from time to time and will showcase them…

     We carry most of the national brands most everyone else carries and a few local brews and craft beers that are found in very few other areas – limited releases and seasonals will be highlighted here.  On our list of local and small scale breweries, we have:logo-surly

  • Indeed                                        •  Summit

  • Surly                                           •  Bell’s

  • Fulton                                           Rush River

     This isn’t the extent of our beer list!  With two, TWO, beer coolers on site, rest assured – our selection goes beyond these few and into the realm of the imported, non-alcoholic, and the gluten free!  With too many to list, you’ll just have to visit our walk-in beer cave and specialties fridges.


Hard Cider is simply the addition of yeast, sugar, and a slight fermentation of fruit juices other than grapes.  The yeast produces both alcohol and carbon dioxide.

Here at Ken & Norm’s, we carry, competitively priced; the same core selection most everyone else carries:BlackthornLogo

  • Angry Orchard                                       •  Smith & Forge
  • Redd’s                                                   •  Crispin
  • Blackthorn                                             •  Strongbow

When something special comes around, we will highlight it here on this page…

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