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Dessert Wine

     The classification of a dessert wine is one that is not just sweet but possesses a balance of sweet, alcohol, and fruitiness on the palate.  On the label, you’ll find phrases that tell you the wine will be sweet to very sweet; on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the sweetest), most dessert wines fall around 8-9.  Using this same scale, the rarefied nectar known as Icewine would be about 23; its made from the juice of frozen grapes pressed on frozen equipment in the dead of night in the middle of January at temperatures well below -10°C!!

sakagurazu     Brewed for millennia, Sake (Sah-kay’) is the result of the fermentation of rice and water by natural yeasts.  The flavor profiles of sakes range from mineral-forward, to toasty, to sublimely floral and pair with most Asian cuisines – most notably Japanes sashimi, nigiri, or maki-style rolls.  It can be served ice cold, chilled, room temperature, warm, or even hot; every presentation is a little different based on any number of factors.  We stock a few sakes and plum wines from the Far East and find them all quite fascinating.

     Porto, Sherry, Madeira, and Marsala is another classificationMarsala_Wine of wines called ‘fortified’ wine.  This means that a neutral grape spirit (often made from grape seeds) has been blended with either red or white wine to balance the a residual sugar content with a conducive alcohol content.  The result is a wine that can be sweet, herbal, savory, or tangy.  Most Portos originate from central Portugal, Sherries from the Andalusian region of southwestern Spain, Marsala is an export of the Italian island of Sicily, and Madeira originates from a small Portuguese archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean that lies between the Iberian peninsula and the northwestern coast of Africa.

Fine Sake

  • Hakutsurusayuri_01
    • Draft Sake 300ml
    • Sayuri Nigori  300ml
    • Junmai Ginjo Superior  300ml & 750ml
    • Plum Wine  750ml
  • Dewazakura Cherry Sake  300ml
  • Ozeki Sake  750ml
  • Fu-ki Junmai Sake, and Plum Wine
  • Jinro Soju, A Korean specialty
  • Choya Umeshu Plum Wine (Osaka, Japan)

Dessert & Aperitif Wines

  • “Chocovine” Original Dutch Chocolate Cream with Red WineSaintCroixRasperry
  • Winehaven “Honeybee Stinger” Mead (Minnesota)
  • Kagor Late Harvest Cabernet 2013 (product of Moldova)
  • Donausome Blaufränkisch 2012 (sweet red wine from Hungary)
  • Saint Croix Vineyards Raspberry Infusion (St. Croix, WI)
  • “Grooner” Grüner-Veltliner White Wine NV (product of Austria)
  • “Hugo” Grüner-Veltliner White Wine 2012 (product of Austria)
  • Chateau Ste. Michelle Harvest Select Riesling 2012

Ports, Marsalas, Maderias, and Sherries

  • Simmington Estates’ “Warres Warrior” Reserve Porto
  • Simmington Estates’ “Le Grapes” Reserve Porto
  • Dow’s Fine Tawny Porto, Douro Valley, Portugal
  • Dow’s Fine Ruby Porta, Douro Valley, PortugalPedro_ximenez_wine
  • Noval Black Porto
  • Cantine Florio Fine Sweet & Fine Dry Marsala, Italy (avail. in 375ml & 750ml)
  • Miles Rainwater’s Medium-Dry Madeira, Islas di Madeira, Portugal
  • El Maestro Sierra Medium Olorosa*, Spain
  • El Maestro Sierra Pedro Ximenez** Sherry, Spain
  • “Drysack” Medium Dry Sherry, Spain
  • Alvear Cream Sherry, Spain
  • Casa Fundada Cream Sherry, Spain

*a cream-style sherry

**Pedro Ximenez is a Vitis vinifera species of grape – this sherry is very dark and rich with flavors of raisin and molasses.

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