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Red Wine

Red Wine: From Light Freshness to Inky Depths

grapeguts-closeup     The ‘gut’ of every grape regardless of its skin color is green (aka white). By soaking the skins, stems, and pips in the juice, the red color and astringency is extracted and infused from a few weeks to many months.  In addition to simply soaking, these skins and such will float to the top and require periodic mixing called ‘punching down’ – often several times day and night. Cabernet f103c-punchdownSauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, and many many more varieties of grape produce a fine red wine. It’s only when a red wine is produced in a specific region that is a recognized and authorized viticultural area do we find wines called Bordeaux, Chianti, etc.

redwinepour     Here at Ken&Norm’s, we have a good many of the wines from around the globe that are part of any shop’s standard portfolio.  What sets us apart from the major chains and big-box retailers is our dedication to offering you exclusive vintage labels found nowhere else in Minnesota AND the specialized knowledge to teach you about it before you take it home.  We are proud to bring you three red wines from Italy whose labels are exclusive to Ken & Norm’s:


L_RchiantiBLamole di Lamole Chianti Classico 2010

Place of Origin:  Tuscany, Greve, Chianti, Italy

Vintner’s Tasting Notes:

Deep ruby red; black cherry and forest fruits fragrances with flower-like aromatics and very sweet spiciness; initial depth, roundness and a silky mouthfeel take you into a full, mid-palate and a finish again dominated by fruit and spice sweetness.

Jason’s Tasting Tips:  Don’t be afraid to bring out a decanter.   Even though this Chianti is lighter than the average Chianti, a little bit of aeration goes a long way in highlighting this wine’s special nuances.


maremma-sangioveseTenuta Sassoregale Sangiovese Maremma 2012

Place of Origin:  Tuscany, Greve, Chianti, Italy

Vintner’s Tasting Notes:

Bright ruby red. Hints of cherries, wild berries, and a moderate spiciness on the nose. The palate reveals a full-bodied, assertive flavor which expresses both great intensity and elegance.  Ideal with grilled red meats, bur also with matured salt pork products or the traditional sheep’s milk cheeses.


fuedozirtari2010Fuedo Zirtari Nero d’Avola/Syrah Red Blend 2010

Place of Origin:  Sicilia, Italy

Our Tasting Notes

This warm climate red blend is inky-black in the glass and this alone speaks to its intense richness. On the nose, spicy notes of black pepper mix with forest floor and faint petrol essences. The palate is luscious and truly full with an herbaceous and earthy comfort leading to a supple finish begging another sip.

Jason’s Tasting Tips: Try pairing this deep dark treat with an equally rich oxtail stew, aged cheddar, or even with a dark chocolate and raspberry truffle dessert. (Side Note: this vino is available at a few other MN retailers, ours however is vintage whereas others are non-vintage.)


pinotnoir-dautrefois2013D’Autrefois Pinot Noir 2013

Place of Origin: Pays D’Oc, France

Jason’s Tasting Notes:  We shared this vino with our guests here at the shop on Feb 25th to much enjoyment.  The nose is sharp, teasing you with tannin.  On the palate, imagine squeezing the guts out of a fresh cherry then munching on the skin.  That flavor and acidity is a perfect descriptor of this wine.  The finish is pleasantly short lending it to pairing with vegetarian dishes or heartier fishes such as skin-on salmon or seared tilapia.


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