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White Wine

     White wine is made from either green grapes or the insides of red grapes.  The ‘guts’ of all grapes be they red, purple, green, plaid, or even hound’s-tooth are considered ‘white’; its only by soaking the skins in the freshly pressed juice does the color infuse itself (amongst other things) into the wine.  White_Wine_Glas

     That being said, the resulting white wines range from the ultra-light to the very dense with flavors ranging from light and crisp to supple and creamy.  As with other wines, some whites spend either no time in oak to many years in oak – Chardonnay being the most common white to see lengthy oak aging.  Sparkling wine is most often white wine, too, but that’s a topic we’ll save for its own discussion.

     We stock many of the popular wines every other store carries as well as special ones we like to recommend and share at our tasting table as often as we can.  Keep scrolling down for highlights from our collection…


Cooper Hill Pinot Gris 2013

Composition: 100% Organic Pinot Gris

Place of Origin:  Coopinotgri-cooperhill2013per Mountains, Willamette Valley, Oregon

Jason’s Tasting Notes:  Pale pale gold in the glass with a citrus and mineral nose.  Flavour is delicate and peachy with a clean juiciness that speaks of spring blossoms and sunshine.  The finish is very crisp and short leaving the palate unencumbered.

Jason’s Serving Tips:  Sip cool from the fridge all by itself on a sunny mid-winter morning to reassure yourself that spring will come eventually or as an alternative to champagne with fresh seafood.


chardonnay-muirwood2013Muirwood Chardonnay 2013

Composition:  100% Chardonnay

Place of Origin:  Dry Creek Bed, Central Coast, California

Jason’s Tasting Notes:  Lustrous amber in the glass with aromas of ripe mango and peach pit.  Creamy on the palate from front to finish with stimulating tannin, soft vanilla, and notes of allspice and nutmeg.  This is a very tasty chardonnay for chardonnay lovers – its profile is reminiscent of much more expensive bottles from the same appellation.

Tasting Tips:  This style of chardonnay is just as comfortable being served at cellar temperature as it is completely chilled.  Starting off with it cold from the fridge, let the heat of your hand slowly warm the wine in the glass as you sip.  The fruitiness will diminish and the acidity will increase.


pinotgrigio-albinoarmani2013Albino Armani Pinot Grigio 2013

Composition:  100% Pinot Grigio

Place of Origin:  Veneto, delle’Venezie, Italy

Jason’s Tasting Notes:  An apple-forward nose from this almost crystal clear vino.  Apple and crisp pear of the palate to carry through to a swift finish.  A delicate pinot grigio to pair with wine-poached white fish, roasted corn, and spaghetti squash.


whiteblend-honoroverablancoHonoro Vera Blanco 2013

Composition:  Rare Blend* (primarily Verdejo)

Place of Origin:  Bodegas Juan Gil, Rueda, Spain

Vintner’s Tasting Notes:  Elegant and voluptuous, with exotic aromas of mango and papaya; there’s also a grassy floral note dancing in the background. Broad and luxurious on the palate, with ripe peach and pear tart flavors.

*Jason’s Thoughts:  There are many online glossaries for wine terminology; “rare blend” indicates that either the composition of the wine is not shown or it contains uncommon varieties.  Recipes can be a singular grape or as many as ten depending on the style of the finished product.


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