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Weekly Update July 21, 2014: You may have noticed…

You may have noticed there was no update for last Monday, July 14.  You may also have noticed our Tasting Table has been missing one of its key educators, Jason.  He’s been away as a week’s worth of educational seminars to build expertise in both wine, wineries, distilleries and other important activities to better enhance your customer experience here at Ken & Norm’s.  He’ll be back for Wednesday and Thursday this week between 430pm ans 800pm to share some delicious wines and maybe a spirit or two for all our guests.

Special Event Alert!  Woodford Reserve Tasting & Bottle Etching

A representative from Woodford Reserve will be in the shop to feature our own unique batch of Single Barrel Double Oak Kentucky-Straight Bourbon Whiskey.  Our guest will also have a state-of-the-art etching system that will engrave your bottle with a personalized message.  It can be a commemorative message to the recipient of a gift bottle, personalization for your home bar, or simply a short inspirational phrase to toast each sip of this amazing spirit.

Weekly Update: July 7, 2014 Lots of Exciting News!!

Weekly Update: July 7, 2014

     With so many exciting things happening here at Ken & Norm’s this week, we’ll need some extra space to fill you in on all the details! Keep Reading…


Meet the Team Part 4.

     The final member of our team that we are featuring here on our site is the most important: your store manager, Sergey, and he really needs no introduction.  You’ll most often find him in his office answering emails, making arrangements with distributors, or having a snack.  We asked him a few basic questions so his quiet countenance won’t have you thinking he’s unapproachable:

sergey-woodfordsbdo_01Q:  Whats your favorite sport?

A:  That’s easy!!  Football!!  Not that crazy game you have here, REAL Football as in Soccer!!  I love the World Cup and am rooting for Holland team.  I try to play every Sunday.

Q:  If you could pick one item in the shop over everything else, what would it be?

A:  That question is a loaded one!  Everyone knows my favorite item in the store isn’t on any shelf – its the person on the ladder, Kate.  She’s my wife.  I’d be sleeping on sofa if I didn’t say she was my favorite item! (Secretly, though, its Woodford Reserve Single Barrel Double Oak!!)

Q:  When you’re not at the shop, how do you relax?

A:  I play soccer. try new and different beer, snuggling with Kate and Lilu, and being a lab rat for Kate’s culinary experiments.

So that about wraps it up for the four major staff members here at Ken & Norm’s.  The three cashiers taking care of you at checkout are: Dana, John, and Kevin.  If you’ve already joined KN Members Club, ask one of them for your Members Card and show them your number before your purchase is scanned – you’ll earn points toward discount rewards!

Wine Release Alerts!!

     We are thrilled to present several Special Edition Wines for your summer enjoyment:

villamaria-sb09rerserveVilla Maria’s Wiarau Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2009

From New Zealand’s famous Marlborough AVA comes this featured appellation held in reserve for five years!  Luscious and full palate experience carries a racy acidity, plump passionfruit and mango flavors, and a bright finish.

Sug. Price: $29.99  Our Special Price: $12.99


Villa Maria’s Taylor Pass Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2010villamaria-sb10-tylrpss

Going deeper into the Marlborough AVA, deeper than a valley within, to a single vineyard, we discover this hidden vale of Taylor’s Pass.  Only by keeping these beautiful grapes separate from all the rest can we best appreciate climate, soil, and the winemaker’s mastery!  Soft and delicate on the palate with a gentle flavor of perfectly ripened gooseberry, a balanced acidity, and mouth-watering minerality only begins to speak to the essence of Taylor’s Pass Vineyards. Enjoy as a solo sipper, cold from the refrigerator to best take in its elegance.

Suggested Price: $29.99  Our Special Price: $12.99


 Archery Summit Premier Cuvée Pinot Noir 2012

archsum-pn12-prmcuvWhere else would we find America’s best Pinot Noirs but Washington state’s famous Willamette Valley.  A masterfully selected batch from each of Archery Summit’s six vineyards is harmoniously blended to give you a snapshot of their heart and soul.  A brilliant pop of intense cranberry tartness is followed by a soothingly mellow mouthfeel that brings flavors of cocoa nib, cherry preserves, and a loving embrace of silky tannin.

Suggested Price: $49.99  Our Special Price: $29.99!!!!!


Members Newsletter

     Our Summer 2014 news release will be arriving in our KN Club Members’ inboxes very shortly.  We remind all of our members to add ‘’ to your list of safe email domains; our systems are secured from threats both viral and other intrusions.

Weekly Update: June 30, 2014: “Meet The Team Pt. 3″

Weekly Update: June 30, 2014

     As we continue our series on “Meet The Team”, we’d like to introduce you to the most important and most ‘unseen’ member – important and unseen primarily because he’s sequestered inside either of our two walk-in coolers ensuring every beer, ale, and cider is properly stored and stocked.  Jonathan is this unseen hero and is one of those people who doesn’t like his picture taken nor even posted online, so his identity you’ll just have to find out by visiting us.

How long have you been with Ken & Norm’s and why have you been stuffed into mysterymanthe cooler?

I’ve only been with the shop for about 8 weeks; before that, I was a distribution hand for a larger retailer.  I also like beer, a lot, and have been trying anything new and different I can get my hands on.  Sergey liked my organizational skills and wanted me to whip the coolers into shape.

When you’re not here, what fills your time?

I like Frisbee Golf, tinkering with anything that has a motor, and am trying to learn how to play the piano.  I work two other jobs, so my free time is rather limited, just don’t call me boring.

If you had to pick just one item in the whole shop, what would it be and why?

Even though I’m primarily a beer snob, that new Woodford Reserve Single Barrel Double Oak is amazing!  Right now, it’s the one thing I’d take home – my tastes change frequently, so tomorrow, i might say something else.

Weekly Update: June 23, 2014 “Meet A Team Member” & **Wine Release Alert!**

Weekly Web Update: June 23, 2014

     As we continue our series on “Meet The Team”, we’re sure you already know the member of our staff who can most often be found atop our library ladder.  Kate M. is our Inventory Manager and (for as much as Jason, our Wine Guru knows about how each one tastes) can find whatever it is you’re after instantly.Kate_01

Everyone asks about your ‘accent”. Where are you originally from and for how long have you been in Minnesota?

I’m from Belarus and have lived in Minnesota since we immigrated.

When you’re not up the ladder or behind the counter, what do you like to do?

Baking and gardening are my two main hobbies.  I also love animals and welcome all pets into Ken & Norm’s with a treat.  We don’t have a dog of our own (yet) but are being taken advantage of by our cat named Lilu.

In your four years at Ken & Norm’s, if you could pick one item from the store as your favorite, what would it be? And be honest!

How am I supposed to pick just one item?!  Ok, that’s easy.  Meiomi Pinot Noir is my favorite and I like to recommend it to all my customers who are looking for a Pinot that I think is yummy.

haudiniere_muscadet2013 NEW RELEASE:  La Haudiniere Muscadet Sevre et Maine 2013

Appellation:  France, Loire Valley, Sevre et Maine

Vintage:  2013

Contents:  100% Melon de Bourgogne, rested Sur-Lie.

Introductory Price: $9.99

Vintner’s Notes:  Fresh and zesty with a hint of brininess – a perfect pairing for shellfish.

Our Notes:  “Light and delicate with a nose of nectarine.  The palate is ethereal and wispy with hints of honeydew melon and  ‘of the sea’ freshness.  Unlike anything I’ve ever tasted before!”  ~Jason

Weekly Update: June 16, 2014 “Meet a Team Member” & **New Release Alert**

Weekly Web Update: June 16, 2014

As we stay true to our goal of bringing you the most amazing customer service, it is our pleasure to start introducing you to our team.  Wine is a large part of Ken&Norm’s portfolio and it gives us great pride to know our library consists of almost 1000 bottles from all over the globe.  Jason Edwards is our wine guy, lets meet him:

Years of Wine Experience: 17jason-wineguy

How did you get started?  I count myself lucky to have lived within the Niagara region of Southern Ontario Canada, renowned for its amazing wines.  Through the Wine Council of Ontario, I earned a Certificate of Merit in their oenology courses and have made it a passion of mine to learn everything possible about what makes each wine from each part of the world special.

What’s your favorite?  I love pretty much any style of wine; from the fruit-forward whites to the deepest tannic reds, to the most moussie champagnes.  Rose wines have been given a bad rap of late and this summer’s list has been… very diverse… to say the least.

sergey-woodfordsbdo_01NEW RELEASE: Woodford Reserve Single Barrel Double Oaked Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

We’ve been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to get our hands on single-barrel bourbon-whiskies in the past, but none makes us more excited than this new release from Woodford Reserve.  Because every batch is unique and each barrel imparts its own characteristics, a second oaking in a richly-toasted, lightly charred barrel makes for a much creamier texture.  Sergey’s (pictured with barrel cap) impression is: “This is the creamiest, richest bourbon-whiskey I’ve ever tasted!  Smooth caramel palate with finishes of apple and vanilla. Amazing!”

You are invited to stop to adopt your very own bottle of this very limited supply or simply for a complimentary sample – don’t forget to sign up for Ken &Norm’s Members Club where you’ll receive advanced notice of special new releases just like this Woodford Reserve!


Weekly Update: June 9, 2014 *Whinter Wheat Whiskey*

Weekly Web Update: June 9, 2014

We here at Ken&Norm’s are very excited to announce the arrival of another style of Kentucky spirits exclusive to us:

bernheim-wheatwhiskeyNEW RELEASE: Bernheim Original Small Batch Winter Wheat Whiskey

     “Brilliant copper in color; mildly sweet with hints of vanilla and honey; flavors of toffee, berries, and fresh mint; a soft finish with notes of warm, elegant toasted oak.” ~The Distillery

     This beautiful Winter Wheat Whiskey will be on tasting all week; we encourage you to stop in for a sample and adopt a bottle for your own.  Jason, our wine guru, says: “Wow!  Such a light and clean palate; the grain’s full expression of refinement is unencumbered by any distraction.  A perfect entry-level for those who haven’t tried many whiskies and won’t spoil your palate too quickly.”  Sergey, your store manager, simply says: “Mmmmm!!!”

Weekly Update: June 2, 2014 *New Release Alert*

Weekly Web Update: June 2, 2014

     You’re probably noticing all these great new improvements to Ken & Norm’s website.  The process is moving along as a swift pace and it will take some time before all of our inventory are added to various pages.  Stay with us and witness all this wonderful and much-needed growth.

     Another major change you may have seen is within our store!  We are now offering wine and spirits demonstrations EVERY afternoon – highlighting as many of our delicious offerings as possible.

henry-mckenna-single-barrel-lrgNEW RELEASE: Henry McKenna 10yr Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

Ken&Norm’s have secured and bottled our own Distillers’ Reserve Barrel#1221.  This Bardstown, KY, Bourbon-Whiskey is 100PF (50% ABV) and carries a distinctive grain-focused palate.  Flavors of richly toasted barley, wheat, rye, and oats rises above a lingering finish of brown sugar and vanilla attained by a darkly-charred oak cask.  It is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted!

Introductory Price: $26.99  750ml Bottle

Ken and Norm’s Website is Relaunched!!

 Weekly Web Update: May 25, 2014

With the acquisition of some amazing new talent, we have FINALLY gotten to work re-establishing our online presence.  The initial changes are very obvious – new look, new way of interacting with us, new Loyalty Club Discount Rewards, yet same ol’ dedication to ensuring your perfect customer experience with all the brands of wine, spirits, and beer you’ve come to expect from Ken & Norm’s!

Stay tuned!  We’ll be adding tons(!!!) of new information over the coming weeks – visit the “About Us” tab to learn our story and meet our team, hours and location on its own tab, and a more comprehensive breakdown of our inventory with industry highlights, original reviews, and new releases.

The new Ken&Norm’s Club Members will receive advanced notice of New Releases, Members Only Specials, and Individually-tailored Loyalty rewards exclusive to their membership.  Want to sign up for The Club?  With your next qualifying purchase at our store, simply ask your cashier to sign you up!

We look forward to welcoming you to our shop soon!


Ken & Norm’s Team.

Ken & Norm's Liquors urges you to please drink responsibly!!